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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Sleep As I lay there by myself

You’re all I can manage to think about

Your smile

Your laugh

The way you say “I love you”

And the way you won’t be there

I think about my life

And what it means to live

Not that it matters

For I will not have to deal with it

For another sleepA

ll the scars are too deep

All the wounds from you won’t heal

So I take dads gun

And put it to my head

I hear mum scream“NO”

She yells

But I can’t hear her

Nothing else mattersI take a deep breath

And count to 3

The bullet screams out

Right into my dreams



Rainbow Rainbow,
Where do you end,
With a pot of money at the end,
Wish it rains all the time,
So we can see those bright colours,
Shining in you.

red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet

 they are all the colours of the rainbow

   they go together like peanut butter and jelly

     sadness and happyness

        and all those gay things so next time you look at a rainbow

              think of peanut butter and jelly